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Pre-Law Advising Program

The Pre-Law Advising Program at Providence College provides information and guidance to students who might be interested in attending law school. The program provides individual advising, career counseling, and guidance throughout the application process. This program is not an academic major, minor, or set of courses. Instead, it’s a resource for students of all interest levels – from those who are just curious about the law school option to students who are already sure they want to be an attorney.

One of the main goals of the Pre-Law Advising Program is to organize a community of undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in the law. We do not associate with any particular academic department, and our events and workshops are open to all. The program simply seeks to help students make the decision that is best for them.

One-on-One Advising

  • Undergraduate Advising: We provide advice regarding class selection and internship opportunities. We place a significant emphasis on the major criteria considered by competitive law schools in order to maximize the potential of each candidate.
  • Career Counseling: We meet with students and discuss a variety of possible paths after graduation, including, but not limited to, the practice of law.
    Application Guidance: We actively assist students during all phases of the application and matriculation processes.


  • Organizational Meeting: Pre-Law students gather in the fall to discuss the upcoming year.
  • Alumni Panel: A panel of law students and lawyers who graduated from PC and can offer insight into law school and a variety of legal practices.
  • Law School Panel: Representatives from four to six schools give students an insider’s view of the application process. The panel then breaks up into a fair, where students can have one-on-one conversations with admissions officers.
  • Law and Current Events: We periodically organize sessions on contemporary controversies, such as confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justices, ongoing legal debates, and major cases.


  • Personal Statement Workshop: Usually two sessions for juniors and seniors working on law school applications in the fall.
  • Résumé Workshop: One session in the fall on putting together a strong résumé for applications.